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Basic Physics and Chemistry related to Fire

Definition of Matter and energy, Physical properties of matter like Density, specific gravity, Relative density, Vapour density, Melting & Boiling point, flammable limits, latent heat, Effects of density on behaviour of gases, , Basics of oxidizing and reducing agents, Acids. Flammable liquids- classification and types of tanks, Dust and Explosion, Liquid and Gas Fires, LPG.


Anatomy of Fire,Classification of Fire & Extinguishers

Definition of Combustion, Elements of Combustion, Products of Combustion, Heat of reaction and calorific value, Flash point, Fire point, Ignition temperature and spontaneous combustion. & Classification of Fire and types ofextinguishers, maintenance, method of operation. Techniques of fire extinction-Smothering cooling and starvation. Halon and it detrimental effect on environment. Alternatives of Halon.


Hose and Hose Fittings

Types of Suction and Delivery Hoses, Hose-reel, causes of decay, Care and Maintenance, Marking of Hose, Repair of hose, Standard tests of Delivery Hoses, Definition and different groups of Hose Fittings. Types and Construction of Suction; Monitors, Water-cum-foam Monitor, Nozzles & branch holders, collecting head and suction hose, Fittings; frost valve, Deep lift suction fittings, Breechings, Adaptors and Blank cap suction reduction piece, Hose Ramps, Care & Maintenance of Hose Fittings.


Hydrant & Fittings:

Introduction of Hydrant and Water supplies, Hydrant Gears and Equipment, Marking, Testing, cares maintenance Operation.


Foam & Foam Making Equipment

Water as an extinguishant- its merits, demerits and modification. Introduction to all types of foam concentrate, properties of foams and techniques of extinguishment by foam, types of foams, Characteristics of good foam, foam making Equipment- Mechanical. High Expansion and Low Expansion Foam. Storage of foam Compound. Dry Chemical Powder- Types and application. Carbon dioxide as extinguishant.


Pump & Pump Operation

Classification of common types in use, Methods of Priming, Testing and Fault-finding, care and Maintenance and standard Test, Introduction of centrifugal pump, care and maintenance.


Hydraulics, Electricity & Ladders

Pressure and Head, pressure and Flow, mensuration, Nozzle's discharge, calculation of water capacity of tank, requirement for specific fire size. Fundamentals of electricity, Generation and Distribution, Common causes of electrical fire and its remedial measures, electrical hazards including static electricity and protective measures and fire-fighting procedure, Elementary knowledge of Fire Protection and fire-fighting in different premises, electrocution. Introduction, Types of Ladders, Construction features of conventional Ladders, Operational use, Elementary Knowledge of T.T.L. & Snorkel (As per Bureau of I.S.).


Breathing Apparatus,Water Tender and Special Appliance

Introduction of Types of B.A. Sets in use, Working principles and Care and maintenance. Introduction to Rescue/ Emergency Tender, CO2 tender, DCP Tender, Hose laying lorry, Water Bouser and High pressure pumps, special appliances.


Small & Special gears

Function & Construction-G.R. Tools; Function & Construction-Breaking in and Cutting tools, Pulley blocks; Function & Construction-Lighting Function & Construction-Lifting & Rescue tools; Operation of hydraulically operated, diesel operated and electrically operated tools, . Care & maintenance of equipment.


First Aid, Resuscitation

Definition of First-Aid, Qualities of first aider, Shock- Signs and Symptoms, Asphyxia-Signs and Symptoms, Wounds and Hemorrhage -Classification of injuries, Signs, Symptoms and management, Burns, Scalds and frost Bits signs and symptoms and management. Causes and types of fractures Sprain & Dislocation-Signs and symptoms, Snake Bite-Treatment.


Automatic Fire Detection cum Alarm System

Introduction of Types of Detectors- Smoke, Heat, Flame/Gas Detectors, Operating principles, Control Panel.


Hazard and Risk

Causes, Identification, Evaluation & Control. HAZOP, Sources for Information on Hazard Evaluation. Risk and Risk Analysis.

Study Material & Ground Training


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