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D-ONE (Direction Is Only :- ONE)

D-ONE Offering Course in fire & Safety Industry With Complete Physical Training Fire & Safety is a valuable one for those aspiring to reach the higher echelons in the field of industrial and fire safety. The course teaches you all about how fires work. How they affect the surrounding environment, the built structures and their psychological effects on us humans, is also dealt with. From the constituent structure of a flame to how a spray of water effects the resulting cloud of smoke, fire engineering gets into greater details about the fundamentals of fire and its prevention. The course also lays emphasis on designing of buildings and structures taking in consideration fire prevention.

The course provides a hands-on learning approach that helps you in getting employed




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Level-1 Documents Verification - Medical - Seat Confirmation -Enrollment


Level-2 Attend Classes Regularly -Personality Development- English Spoken- Learn Computer Education- Govt. Exam Preparation


Level-3 Attend Ground Classes Regularly -Physical Training -Practical Attachment Certification-Fire Station Visits -Demonstration


Level-4 Final Exam -Certification - C.V - Attend Interviews -Selected For On-Job-Training - Contract Basis Job - Direct Payroll Or Govt.Jobs


  • All
  • Squad Drill
  • Pump Drill
  • Ladder Drill
  • Hose Drill
  • Hydrant Drill
  • Rescue Technique

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  • Mail On : Whats-up On +91 9587-8800-99
  • Mail On : Whats-up On +91 9587-8800-99
  • Mail On : Whats-up On +91 9587-8800-99

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  • (1) D-ONE Level 4(H.O) & (Fire & Safety Training Center Bagar) Web:
  • D-ONE IT Services First Floor In Front Of Chavo Veero Girls College Bagar-333023-Jhunjhunu-Rajasthan(India)
  • (2) D-ONE Fire Arms (B.O) (Fire & Safety Training Center At Gudha Gorji)
  • (3) D-ONE Fire Arms (B.O) (Fire & Safety Training Center At Narnaul Haryana)
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